Nov 2020

What is solipsism?

Philosophy is topic I like but never actually dive-into that much; so, there are many philosophy-related terms that are still new to me.

This time I want to write about Solipsism.

I can't tell the first time I encounter this term but it sure caught my attention.


From the Latin solus, meaning alone, and ipse, meaning self.

First thing I like to do after finding a new word is to write-it down and look-it up starting by its etymology, because the root of a word can give you a hint of the idea behind the meaning of a word.

So, there's me (self) and no one else (alone).

Solipsism says,

All that's sure to exist is only what's inside the mind —my mind, because I'm the self— and everything outside it is unsure.

What I experience as reality is because of my mind, that's how I know it exists.

How could I tell if other people exist outside of my mind if?

If I'm the only one I can be sure exists, I'm the only one, I'm the center of everything, I'm alone; everything else must be a product of my mind...