Dec 2020

Today in my Inbox: life lessons

About this article

I wanted to start this week with some writing since I've been neglecting it a little recently. Still, feeling short on time, I decided to write based on the articles from my inbox in what I like to call "Today in my Inbox" or TIMI.

These are my takeaways from three articles on topics surrounding life lessons and habits. I combined those that seemed related and added my thoughts, so be aware this isn't a summary, and feel free the check the original articles in the resources at the bottom.

Love and routine

First of all, love yourself. You are enough, don't feel like you need anybody else to be complete. How? Invest in yourself, read, learn, and do anything you love that gives you value, improves your health, or makes you feel better.

Find things you love by being curious, exploring, trying new things, and then take the best into good habits.

Time is all we got

Buying stuff can give you a burst of happiness (or dopamine rush), but in the long run, only you and what's inside you (knowledge, health, habits) can make you happy.

You won't always be able to do the things you like or love the things you have to do, but never settle to live doing something you don't like for the sake of anyone.

Don't let anyone make the choice of what you're going to do with your life, cuz that's all we got, time.

Be conscious and prioritize your happiness over everything else. We all have the same 24 hours every day, that doesn't mean you have to copy or surrogate your schedule to other people's expectations. Don't have breakfast in the morning or a meal at noon just because others do.

Find other ways to spend time with the ones you love while having control over your time; just be consistent and make sure it works well for you.


Learn to understand your emotions instead of running from them. Express how you feel, talk about it, face it, and eventually, you'll be more self-aware and able to control yourself in any situation.

Be comfortable pushing yourself to do great things by getting used to being uncomfortable. Just do it! JUST DO IT! Until you become stronger and doing it becomes easier.

Let go of unrealistic expectations, and don't force yourself to meet anyone's expectations but yours.

The single most powerful thing you have to know is —and this is something I borrowed from Gary Vee— You don't owe anyone shit, and no one owes you shit either. And, be kind.