Oct 2020

Quick recap on Cynicism

My intention with this article is to give a sense of why so many people (and businesses) are looking to "build a brand" and link that to what I see is the "essence" of today's marketing.

Hopefully, this changes the way you look at marketing, whether as a consumer, to examine your relationship with the brands you consume; or as an entrepreneur, to examine your marketing objectives.


  • The term marketing refers to a combination of tools and strategies used in combination to achieve some business objectives, these tools have changed over the years shaping the idea of what we see as marketing.
  • Though the tools and practices may change, the objective remains, that is, to be the consumer’s choice.
  • Many marketing practices have been popularized over the centuries, some are the result of changes in society while others leverage technological development.
  • Being the choice of the consumer once is not enough, modern marketing requires developing a deeper relationship with the consumers so that they choose us every time.
  • Brands who exhibiting a personality and values people can relate with, get to build trust and worth more by what they promise to their consumers.